[pydotorg-www] User Profiles

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue May 4 00:52:51 CEST 2010

Here is who I think are the users of python.org
(not restricted to www.python.org)

Python Windows User

Wants to download the Python MSI file, in order
to install it on her workstation or laptop.

Python Developer Reading Documentation

Developer needs to find out how some API works.

Python Developer Reporting a Bug

Goes to bugs.python.org, fills out form;
later follows-up.

Python Developer Releasing a Package

Goes to pypi.python.org, and uploads file.
50% chance that no webbrowser is involved
(I could find out more correct statistics if

Python Developer Looking for Some Package

Browses list of PyPI hits, obtained from Google
or local search, then downloads respective module.

Python Developer Installing Some Known Package

Often not through a web browser, but through
easy_install, pip, zc.buildout, and so on.

Python Core Contributor

Not sure whether I should list their tasks in
separate profiles; I think many of them:
- use the version control system (svn/hg)
- use the bug tracker
- look at the buildbot results
Some also:
- have their build slave connect to the buildbot master
- upload releases and/or documentation

Mailing List Member

Subscribe to some MailMan list, and then send and receive postings to
the list. Get reminded of list membership on Happy MailMan Day.

Job Hunter

Reads job postings

Head Hunter

Submits job postings.

Website Contributor

Again, there are several channels on which people contribute,
- sending their blog feeds for integration into the planet
- posting stuff to the wiki
- proposing error corrections on the web pages, primarily
  for the Python documentation.


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