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anatoly techtonik techtonik at gmail.com
Tue May 4 17:33:26 CEST 2010

I would add also - plain internet folks who by a chance stumbled upon
python.org website. Or not by a chance. Gamers, who want to make
custom level and heard that their game engine uses Python. Game
developers, who would like to start using Python (or switching from
Lua) as scripting language for their engines. Users of Google API that
learn Python to automate things or write robots for Google Wave.
Observers that passively watch Python development. Stackless, PyPy
users/developers that need to sync with core. Scientists who look at
Python as FORTRAN replacement and use SciPy, .. ahem.. and many others
scientific tools written in Python. C folks, who do not know that
Python can speed up the development process when being the primary
language for integrating modules.

Also Python users, who do not know they were using Python, but got
some related error message. Ubuntu users who have heard that Ubuntu
promotes usage of Python. Ubuntu developers, who develop Launchpad and
other Canonical services. Ubuntu/Debian/Haiku/other developers, who
need to package Python apps for their users.

Teachers, who look into Python for their introductory courses into
Computer Science after MIT.

Python users reporting bugs.
Python developers trying to find their way around bugs, subscribe to
important bugs, compile a list of personal bugs that would be nice to
be done some day, also looking for ways to confirm/fix bugs.
Developers of Python applications, who would like to monitor upstream
Python bugs that cause problems with their apps.

Developers/admins who look into Python to hack Trac. Developers who
are trying to understand metaclasses to get the idea how Trac core
works. Developers, who look for instructions how to debug Python code
to understand how Trac handles requests. Developers, who look for
Python IDE.

People looking for information about bugs, searching web site, bug
tracker, wiki, asking help in IRC, looking for searchable Google
Groups archive of discussions and trolling pydotorg-www mailing list.
=) Also Google search users. Also people interested in real pythons
and snakes. People looking for phyton. A lot of people looking for
tutorial more than documentation -
http://www.python.org/webstats/usage_201005.html#TOPSEARCH - also for
Guido van Rossum and PEP8.

BTW, Google Wave is more suited for such kind of
compilations/collaborations - it even has default Brainstorming

anatoly t.

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