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Ethan Schoonover es at ethanschoonover.com
Wed May 5 18:19:33 CEST 2010

Anatoly, thanks for the continued contribution on this. FWIW I will
also be including some standard demographic/psychographic categories
where they seem appropriate.

When you are speaking of age, sex and other demographic breakdowns,
I'm curious if there have been any actual studies of demographics on
the site? Or is this more anecdotal? Not to discount anecdote... it
may end up being our best internal data available (for better or

Also, regarding bounce rate, is this based on data or estimate?
Nothing wrong with estimates as a first pass, but if there some data
hiding around somewhere, I'm interested to uncover it as well.

Thanks again,

Ethan Schoonover

es at ethanschoonover.com

On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 00:33, anatoly techtonik <techtonik at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 1:30 AM, Ethan Schoonover <es at ethanschoonover.com> wrote:
>> Just a follow up note to say thanks to everyone for the excellent
>> feedback yesterday. If anyone has more ideas, please continue to add
>> to this thread. I'm in the process of collating the brainstorming into
>> a more structured review of visitor types and will have further
>> questions this week.
> Seems like we've completely left out social and professional aspect.
> Besides developers, scientists and students, python.org is visited by
> - designers, government folks, consultants, home users, engineers,
> media folks, people from financial sphere, network administrators,
> lawyers, military professions, office workers.
> Social are gender - men and women. Age - 10 to 70 (it would be
> actually interesting to read an interview with the oldest Python
> user).
> Bounce ratio - how many users find site interesting. There 2 kind of
> site users - returning and new. Majority of new site users don't know
> anything about p.o site at all. However, the majority of site users
> are returning.
> Age groups can be analyzed also by view and experience. I suppose that
> in age group of 30 and up there are usually people with vast
> development experience and conservative views. In group under 30
> there are people who monitor what's going on in Internet and know
> recent trends. Group under 23 are active Internet users who know or
> have accounts in about almost every modern Internet service, but do
> not have development experience to see how these services works. There
> is a strong correlation between age and amount of new things people
> aware of/tried. It is because more experienced developers are more
> busy with work, they often have children and a lot of errands to run,
> hence almost no time. So, 90% of Python Developers category are also
> "people with no time". =)
> --
> anatoly t.

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