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Subject: 	Finding mailing lists on web site
Date: 	Sun, 16 May 2010 18:57:06 -0700
From: 	Monte Milanuk <memilanuk at gmail.com>
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Recently I was trying to find the python-tutor mailing list page to
recommend it to someone in a forum... I went to python.org and started
looking for the mailing lists list.  I looked several places, including
under 'Community'... nothing obvious jumped out at me.  I tried the
'Special Interest Group' page... but no listing for 'tutor' there that I
could find.  I did a site search for 'tutor' and found the link to this


for the Mailing Lists... and the notation on the page i.e. 'Community>
Mailing Lists' would imply that it *should* be found under the Community

I went back and looked under 'Community' and there is nothing mentioning
'Mailing Lists' at all on this page:


In fact, the expanded navigation menu for 'Community' when viewed from
this page is about half the length of what is visible on the other page.

Perhaps some navigation menus got messed up or something?



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