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Subject: 	Factual Error re wx
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At http://www.python.org/doc/faq/gui/#id4 the FAQ read:

wxWindows is a portable GUI class library written in C++ that's a 
portable interface to various platform-specific libraries; wxWidgets is 
a Python interface to wxWindows. wxWindows supports Windows and MacOS; 
on Unix variants, it supports both GTk+ and Motif toolkits. wxWindows 
preserves the look and feel of the underlying graphics toolkit, and 
there is quite a rich widget set and collection of GDI classes. See the 
wxWindows page <http://www.wxwindows.org/> for more details.

wxWidgets <http://wxwidgets.org/> is an extension module that wraps many 
of the wxWindows C++ classes, and is quickly gaining popularity amongst 
Python developers. You can get wxWidgets as part of the source or CVS 
distribution of wxWindows, or directly from its home page.

The name wxWindows has been retired, (I think it was causing some hassle 
with MicroSnot), I think that above should read something like:

wxWidgets, (http://www.wxwidgets.org) is a free, portable GUI class 
library written is C++ that provides a native look and feel on a number 
of platforms, with MS-Windows, MacOS-9/X, GTK, X11, Motif, WinCE, 
MGL, PalmOS & OS2 all listed as current stable targets.  It has language 
bindings available to a number of languages including C, C++, *Python*, 
Pearl, Ruby, etc.

wxPython, (http://www.wxpyton.org) is the python language binding for 
wxwidgets, while it often lags slightly behind the official wxWidgets 
releases it also offers a number of features, via pure python 
extensions, that are not yet available in other language bindings.  
There is an active user and developer community for wxPython.

Both wxWidgets and wxPython are free, open source, software with 
permissive licences that allow their use in commercial products as well 
as in freeware or shareware.


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