[pydotorg-www] jobs.python.org?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Sep 14 12:29:14 CEST 2010

    Fred> What we ended up with was docs in two different places that had to
    Fred> be updated in two different ways, and was confusing for users.
    Fred> The maintenance pain only got worse when the main www.python.org
    Fred> site was changed to be built in a different way (pyramid).  I'm
    Fred> not sure how much duplication of effort is currently required.

That was, of course, not a fault of the name but of incomplete conversion to
the new domain as the place to get the core Python documentation.

Personally, I find


easier to remember than


(or whatever it is).  The same would be true for most people I think.  If
remembering isn't required, then sure, a URL within www.python.org is as
easy to click as a URL which is a different subdomain.


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