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Subject: 	IP Blocking
Date: 	Tue, 21 Sep 2010 13:32:55 -0700
From: 	Jacob MacDonald <jaccarmac at gmail.com>
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I have been a Python user for about a year, and recently I have not been 
able to access the python.org <http://python.org> website. I believe the 
problem originates with my upgrade from a Clearwire 3g modem to a CLEAR 
4g modem. I contacted my ISP and was able to access the website through 
a free proxy. The ISP informed me that my IP address was being blocked, 
and mentioned BOGON filtering. In researching BOGON, I learned exactly 
what it is. I apologize if this problem is an ISP blunder and you cannot 
fix it, but perhaps your tables of BOGON addresses are wrong? I don't 
know much about the low workings of the Internet, but I would appreciate 
an explanation of exactly what is happening.

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