[pydotorg-www] Proposal: dev.pypi.python.org

Richard Jones r1chardj0n3s at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 04:01:42 CEST 2011

On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 9:14 AM, "Martin v. Löwis" <martin at v.loewis.de> wrote:
>> That sounds awesome, especially for testing tools that have to interact
>> with pypi.
> Actually, for testing tools, I think the requirements are quite
> different: you want concurrent runs of the same test case on multiple
> machines, so you need to make sure they don't collide.
> So for that use case, I rather suggest to setup an installation that
> allows dynamic creation of PyPI instances, each one good for only an
> hour. Their URLs would be test.pypi.python.org/<generatedid>.

I believe such tests should be run against a mocked PyPI so the test
has complete control over responses and error cases.

I believe there's general agreement that a dev.pypi.python.org is a
good idea. We just need to figure out the details. I'll take the
technical discussion offline with Martin unless there's any
objections? No, I'm not writing a PEP for it (unless someone from the
PSF Infrastructure Committee requires it).


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