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Michael Foord mfoord at python.org
Thu Apr 14 14:42:48 CEST 2011

On 13/04/2011 10:29, Tarek Ziadé wrote:
> Hello,
> I really like the poll in the python.org front page, it's a good idea
> to interact with people.
> There's one thing I think is missing, is a small code snippet for
> Python, and a clear path for people to know which link to visit next.
> e.g: which links are for newcomers ? which ones are for developers ?
> I really like how the front page for Go is organized:
> http://golang.org/ . it makes it easy for people to know where to go
> next.
> I would like to suggest a change in our front page: remove the news
> feed --by making it a portlet on the right, with just titles-- and add
> a code example, followed by a quick links section.  If there's
> interest I can sketch an html page

Hey Tarek,

I think that a redesign of python.org is not far off, with the PSF board 
apparently due to approve a "Request For Proposals" soon. For site 
layout / content discussions the pydotorg-www list is a better one.

All the best,

Michael Foord

> Cheers
> Tarek


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