[pydotorg-www] [Pydotorg] Python.org front page

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Thu Apr 14 23:58:38 CEST 2011

On Thursday 14 April 2011 22:30:56 Steve Holden wrote:
> If I can find time I will check it out and take a look once it's done - let
> me know. I think having real code (maybe with a link to an annotated
> explanation, if the feature proves popular) on the home page would be an
> amazing draw.

Having real code on display is very useful to people who want to "cut to the 
chase", so upon hearing about a programming language, people can immediately 
see what it looks like. Take the latest "hot language", Ceylon... well, 
that's a bad example unless you find the Wikipedia page or the now 
well-publicised slide deck, so let's take the somewhat similarly motivated 
Fantom language instead...


One can immediately discard it or investigate it further upon looking at the 
snippet and realising that it looks a simplified, statically-typed Java-like 
language. Actually, that's not a bad project page for people who want 
concentrated facts. Maybe some inspiration can be drawn from it.


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