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Dear All,

Sorry for the confusion for the improper edit. Will study the Wiki help doc to avoid in the future before proceed. TKS



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    >> User catinsunshine has twice now replaced the Beginner's Guide to Python 
    >> wiki page: 
    >> http://wiki.python.org/moin/Beginner%27s%20Guide%20to%20Python 
    >> with a Chinese translation.  The first time I simply reverted it. 
    >> This time I left it as-is and sent him an email telling him how to do 
    >> things properly (create a second page containing his translation and 
    >> reference it from the above page and the ChineseLanguage page).  If I 
    >> don't see that the page has been properly done in the next couple 
    >> days, I'll revert things again and block his user. 

(cc'ing Carl Trachte since he's done much of the management of the 
non-English pages in the wiki, and catinsunshine, the translator.) 

Took me awhile to figure things out, but here's what catinsunshine did: 

   * Copied the BeginnersGuide page to Beginner's Guide to Python 
   * Translated that 

So, it turns out he was technically okay, but there was no indication in the 
page name that it was a Chinese translation of the original BeginnersGuide 
page.  I just renamed it to BeginnersGuideChinese and added appropriate 

We should probably try and wrangle up some people who will keep the various 
Chinese language resources in shape.  Any ideas? 

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