[pydotorg-www] Disabling advocacy.python.org

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Fri Jan 14 23:42:14 CET 2011

> Andrew Kuchling hosts the official Python podcast/videos recordings
> (/data/www/advocacy/podcasts/) through the advocacy.python.org domain
> (http://advocacy.python.org/podcasts/ ).  If you remove its DNS entry,
> all those links are broken.  Those files are served by Apache from the
> filesystem and don't depend upon the Zope server behind the site being up.
> I would not have thought one DNS entry and a few lines of Apache a
> maintenance burden.

It's actually the Zope instance that causes the maintenance burden.
If it would be ok to remove the Zope instance from the Apache
configuration, and just leave the static contents, that would be fine
with me.

> What stops the site from being up is someone w/root access to add it to
> the system startup scripts.  Perhaps that would improve its chances of
> being maintained.

When that is done, I'd also like to request that an official Debian
package is used to provide Zope, rather than a build created many years
ago which is completely outdated.

> Or if you would prefer, retain just the DNS entry but point it to my
> server ( and I'll take responsibility for hosting and
> maintaining it.  I can grab the 1.9G of podcast data too, if Andrew is
> fine with that or we can host it under a different python.org domain and
> I'll add a URL redirect from advocacy.python.org to it my Apache's
> config.  

I didn't know that there is content that is actually still in use.
I'd personally prefer this content to be integrated into www.python.org
(say, www.python.org/podcasts), but leaving it in advocacy.python.org
is acceptable.


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