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> The Members Meeting was held at PyCon US 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Title: 2011 PSF Members' Meeting Minutes (draft)
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Author: psf at python.org
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| The Python Software Foundation
| Minutes of the 2010 Members' Meeting
| March 11, 2011

The Python Software Foundation (the "PSF") held an annual 
members' meeting on March 11, 2011 during lunch at the Hyatt
Regency Atlanta hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (PyCon 2011 Atlanta).
Steve Holden presided over the meeting. Pat Campbell prepared these 

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47 nominated members were present at the meeting:

    * Jim Baker
    * Facundo Batista
    * Ian Bicking
    * C.Titus Brown
    * Jean-Paul Calderone
    * Brett Cannon
    * Wesley Chun
    * Nick Coghlan
    * Dr.Tim Couper
    * Laura Creighton
    * Stephan Deibel
    * Graham Dumpleton
    * Jeff Elkner
    * Michael Foord
    * Jim Fulton
    * Jacob Hallén
    * Doug Hellmann
    * Raymond Hettinger
    * Steve Holden
    * Adrian Holovaty
    * Gloria W.Jacobs
    * Kurt Kaiser
    * Jacob Kaplan-Moss
    * Glyph Lefkowitz
    * Van Lindberg
    * Alex Martelli
    * Anna Martelli Ravenscroft
    * Harald Armin Massa
    * David Mertz
    * Mike Müller
    * R.David Murray
    * Doug Napoleone
    * Jesse Noller
    * Terry Pepper
    * Allison Randal
    * Brandon Rhodes
    * Armin Rigo
    * Arc Riley
    * Jeff Rush
    * Eric V.Smith
    * James Tauber
    * Guido van Rossum
    * Martin von Loewis
    * Barry Warsaw
    * Frank Wierzbicki
    * Thomas Wouters
    * Moshe Zadka
5 representatives of sponsor members were present:

    * Canonical, represented by Barry Warsaw
    * CCP Games, represented by Kristján Valur Jónsson
    * Google, represented by Guido van Rossum for Dan Bentley
    * Merfin LLC, represented by Reggie Dugard
    * Strakt Holdings, represented by Laura Creighton
8 PSF nominated membership nominees for 2011 were present:

    * Ned Batchelder
    * Vern Ceder
    * Rick Copeland
    * Brian Curtin
    * Yannick Gingras
    * Jonathan LaCour
    * Ronald Oussoren
    * Greg P.Smith

Greetings & Announcements

On March 11, 2011 at the PyCon US Conference held at the Hyatt Regency
in Atlanta,Georgia, Steve Holden, PSF member and chairman of the board 
called the PSF Members' Meeting to order at 12:30 pm [EST] during a 
catered lunch for members and guests. 

PSF members (nominated and sponsor) and new PSF nominated membership
candidates were greeted and welcomed. 

During the PSF members' meeting and lunch S. Holden began announcements 

"There is no formal agenda since there is no formal business to
be conducted. Basically, we are just going to have a "welcome to
everyone." There is not going to be a roll call." 

Members and prospective members were asked to sign their names on the 
meeting attendance sign-in sheet that was being passed around the room.

Afterward, members were reminded of the upcoming members' meeting to 
be held at EuroPython 2011 in Florence, Italy, June 20-26.

Board Report

S. Holden presented a brief and informal board report to members 
which included mentioning that 2010 was a more successful year for the 
organization financially, especially, after having gone through some 
financial pitfalls in 2009.

"If you saw my ten minute talk this morning, that is basically the board
report. We have been trying to do good things. We have been trying to
recover from a bad financial situation. Thanks to Van [Lindberg's] and  
Jesse [Noller's] hard work over the past two years, PyCon is now on the road
again as a popular and revenue contributing activity. So thanks very much
to them. [the audience applauds] Things are getting a little better. We 
have spent as much money as we felt we safely could on supporting 
community-oriented activities of the kind that I described with other

Next, Guido van Rossum, PSF President, was acknowledged and then asked to 
say a few words on how he felt about the current state of affairs with the 

"Basically, I would like to hear from the president who I know had certain
criticisms last year about the way the foundation was conducting itself -- 
that he does feel that we are successfully back on track now. [S. Holden
glances over at G.v Rossum during a brief pause] Good! Thank-you very much!
[the audience roars with laughter]. In that case, that is the end of the
board report."

Financial Report

The treasurer, Kurt Kaiser, presented everyone with a two-page hard copy of 
his report: a PSF Accrual Basis Balance Sheet for March 10, 2011, Revision 1
which included 2008 to the present figures and a PSF Accrual Basis PyCon 
2010 Income Statement for March 10, 2011 which included 2009 and 2010 

Then, he briefly reported on the financials for 2010 for the PSF and
PyCon US.

"Last year PyCon US did very well and turned in a $70,000 profit. Overall,
the PSF turned in a $50,000 profit."

Introduction of the 2011 Members' Election Candidates

During this portion of the members' meeting, all board candidates who
were present at the meeting and running for re-election stood up after
their names had been called by the chairman. The board of directors
currently consist of 13 members.

Next, the new nominated membership candidates were acknowledged. The 
prospective members who were present briefly introduced themselves to 
the current PSF membership after their name had been called.

Then, S. Holden reminded everyone of the upcoming 2011 members election 
and member nomination deadline.

"Since the ballot does not go out until next week, there is still time
to get further membership nominations on the ballot if you want to and
we are going to be doing the electronic ballot in the same way that we
did last year."

2010 & 2011 Active PSF Projects

During the final portion of the members' meeting, S. Holden  presented 
members with a list and brief summary of the 2010 & 2011 active and 
completed projects the PSF, board of directors, officers, and a host of
volunteers from the PSF community had either started or had been involved 
in since the last members' meeting held at PyCon US in February 2010. 
Project leaders were also introduced to members and recognized for their 

The 2010 & 2011 active and completed PSF projects and leaders included:

PSF Infrastructure Committee (IC)			Sean Reifschneider

PSF Sprints Program					Jesse Noller

PSF Trademarks Committee (TMC)				David Mertz

PSF Communications Project				Doug Hellmann

PSF Honorary Associate Membership (HAM) Project		Pat Campbell & Kurt Kaiser

PSF Python Brochure Project				Marc-Andre Lemburg

PyPI Cloud Mirroring Project				Marc-Andre Lemburg

PyCon US Website Project				Doug Napoleone

Core Development Tasks Project				Brett Cannon

pyOpenSSL Project					Jean-Paul Calderone


Steve Holden thanked everyone for attending and adjourned the informal members'
meeting at approximately 1:30pm (EST), local time.

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