[pydotorg-www] FWD: EDU-SIG Page Typo

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sat Mar 26 17:36:32 CET 2011

    aahz> I forget who's maintaining the edu-sig page -- please update it

    >> On this page:
    >> http://www.python.org/community/sigs/current/edu-sig/
    >> It links to:
    >> http://www.springer.com/mathematics/numerical+and+computational+mathematics/book/978-3-642-02474-0

I looked but don't see that Springer link:

    % egrep springer.com community/sigs/current/edu-sig/content.ht 
    * `Python Scripting for Computational Science <http://www.springer.com/math/cse/book/978-3-540-73915-9>`__ by Dr. Hans Petter Langtangen
    .. _`A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python`: http://www.springer.com/math/cse/book/978-3-642-02474-0

In fact, the link you gave *does* work for me.  Hopefully I have both of Dr
Langtangen's book links straightened out now.

    >> Also, on edu-sig, there is another resource worth mentioning: Zed
    >> Shaw's Learn Python The Hard Way:
    >> http://learnpythonthehardway.org/index

I am less inclined to add this link.  In fact, I think it would be better if
most/all of the external links on the edu-sig page were moved to the Wiki,
probably somewhere under the Beginner's Guide:


Eric, would you be interested in taking that on?  If so, let me know when
you have copied the content to the wiki and I'll clean up/decimate the
edu-sig links

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