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Hi Pydotorg:

 Could you please post “The Python Software Foundation Minutes of the 2010
Members’ Meeting July 19, 2010”

online at http://www.python.org/psf/records/members/ .

The Members Meeting was held at the 2010 EuroPython Conference in
Birmingham, UK.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Pat Campbell
PSF Administrator/Secretary
patcam at python.org
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Title: July 2010 PSF Members' Meeting Minutes (draft)
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Author: psf at python.org
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| The Python Software Foundation
| Minutes of the July 2010 Members' Meeting
| July 19, 2010

The Python Software Foundation (the "PSF") held a semi-annual 
members' meeting on July 19, 2010 19:00 CEST at 
EuroPython, Birmingham, UK. Steve Holden presided over 
the meeting. Marc-André Lemburg and Pat Campbell prepared
these minutes.

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29 nominated members were present at the meeting:

    * Steven Bethard
    * Paul Boddie
    * Georg Brandl
    * Brett Cannon
    * Dr.Tim Couper
    * Laura Creighton
    * Mark Dickinson
    * Michael Foord
    * Amaury Forgeot d'Arc
    * Zeth Green
    * Tim Golden
    * Jacob Hallén
    * Raymond Hettinger
    * Steve Holden
    * Richard Jones
    * Holger Krekel
    * Marc-André Lemburg
    * Martin von Löwis
    * Harald Armin Massa
    * John Pinner
    * Armin Rigo
    * Guido van Rossum
    * Christian Scholz
    * Michael Sparks
    * Phil Thompson
    * Dino Viehland
    * Thomas Waldmann
    * Alex Willmer
    * Quentin Wright
1 representative of sponsor members were present:

    * Strakt Holdings, represented by Laura Creighton
8 Non-members were present:

    * Floris Bruynooghe
    * Rob Collins
    * Clive Darke
    * Mark Fink
    * Thomas Heschenröder
    * Valentin Janiaot
    * Joe Metcalfe
    * Lennart Regebro

Greetings & Roll Call

On July 19, 2010 the EuroPython Conference held its first PSF members'
meeting outside of the US in Birmingham, UK where Steve Holden, PSF 
member and chairman of the board called the PSF Members' Meeting to 

PSF members (nominated and sponsor) and non-membered guest were greeted 
and welcomed. 

After the greeting, members and guests participated in the members'
meeting roll call by stating their names for the meeting attendance


There were no board or treasurer's report for this members' meeting.

New Business

New business discussions during the members' meeting revolved around 
the following subject matter:

 * Interest in having regular PSF member meetings at EuroPython

 There was definitively interest in having PSF member meetings
 at EuroPython, so we will try to have regular meetings in the

 * Increasing awareness for the PSF in Europe

 This was briefly discussed. I mentioned the project for creation
 of Python marketing material, a project that is still in the
 preparation phase.
 * Discuss setting up a European PSF branch
 Several aspects of such a move were discussed, but since the whole
 project is rather complex, we will follow up on the ideas in a
 special interest group.
 * Discuss promotion of the new Honorary Associate Memberships
 The current state of the new membership form was discussed. The
 legal state has been setup by the board, the marketing texts have
 been prepared by Pat Campbell. Next to follow are: getting
 the payment system ready and then putting the marketing information
 up on the website.
 * Discuss setting up a PSF partner network
 This idea was regarded as better short-term alternative to the
 European PSF branch.
 The board will prepare a set of requirements a partner organization
 would have to fulfill and then invite organizations to the network.
 * Gathering networking information from the meeting attendees
 This was not discussed. We'll likely setup a wiki page for that
Community Service Award - 2010-Q2
John Pinner was selected as the 2010 - 2nd quarter PSF Community 
Service Award winner. The award was announced and presented by S.
Holden at the EuroPython Conference.

Frank Willison Award - 2010
Christian Tismer was proposed by the Board and selected
by O'Reilly as winner of the Frank Willison Award 2010.
The award was announced and presented by S. Holden at 
the EuroPython Conference.

Email Voting

The July 2010 members' election took place after the members' 
meeting held at the EuroPython Conference. Votes were cast
electronically via email during the voting period which began on 
2010-08-10 and ended on 2010-08-23.

Election Results

Election of Nominated Members

The individual nominations and summaries/recommendations were made on
the psf-members mailing list and recorded in the PSF private wiki.

All proposed nominated members were elected (vote counts in
parentheses, yes-no-abstain):

* Noah Gift (49-6-24)
* Laurens Van Houtven (44-2-33)
* Terry Peppers (44-2-33)
* Stephen Thorne (45-1-33)

Election of Sponsor Members

One company applied for sponsor membership. The Board had
already recommended the applicant as a pending sponsor member.

The nominated sponsor member was elected (vote counts in
parentheses, yes-no-abstain):

* Exoweb Ltd. (62-0-17)

Any Other Business



Steve Holden thanked everyone for attending and adjourned the
informal members' meeting at approximately 20:30 (CEST), 
local time.

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