[pydotorg-www] Spam on Jython wiki

Radomir Dopieralski sheep at sheep.art.pl
Sat May 7 21:15:56 CEST 2011

I looked at all the spammy edits, and they are mostly coming from a
handful of IP addresses from Philippines.
I blocked them in the apache's config now.
I will also change the questions, lets hope that it will help for
longer this time.

On Sat, May 7, 2011 at 8:45 PM, Skip Montanaro
<skip at montanaro.dyndns.org> wrote:
> The Jython wiki continues to get spammed, whereas the Python wiki seems not
> to, certainly not anything like happens to the Jython wiki.  Is there some
> setup difference between the two that we've not accounted for?
> I recall that Martin added a feature to the Roundup instance a couple years
> ago which prevented new users from posting for a short amount of time (just
> a couple minutes as I recall).  Could we easily apply a similar check to our
> MoinMoin instances?
> Skip
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