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Hello Pydotorg:

Could you please post the following "PSF board meeting minutes" online,
http://www.python.org/psf/records/board/minutes/  at the usual web
please see the attachment for the approved board meeting minutes for
December 2011.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Pat Campbell
PSF Administrator/Secretary
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| The Python Software Foundation
| Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors
| December 19, 2011

A regular meeting of the Python Software Foundation ("PSF") Board of
Directors was held over Internet Relay Chat beginning at 16:00 UTC, 19
December 2011. Steve Holden presided at the meeting. Pat Campbell 
prepared the minutes.

All votes are reported in the form "*Y-N-A*" (*in favor â?? opposed â??
abstentions*; e.g. "5-1-2" means "5 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2

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.. contents::


The following members of the Board of Directors (9 of ll) were present at 
the meeting: Raymond Hettinger, Steve Holden, Marc-Andre Lemburg [arrived 
at 12:14], Martin von Löwis, David Mertz [arrived at 1:08], Jesse Noller, 
Tim Peters, Jeff Rush, and Gloria Willadsen. Also in attendance were Kurt 
Kaiser (Treasurer) and Pat Campbell (Secretary/Administrator).

Minutes of Past Meetings

The 21 November 2011 Board meeting minutes were voted on and approved.

   **RESOLVED**, the minutes at http://mail.python.org/mailman/private/psf-board
   /2011-November/015898.html be accepted as a true and accurate record  

Approved, 6-0-1.

Votes Taken Between Meetings                                       

There were no votes taken between meetings.

Treasurer Report                                                                                                                                    															                                                                                           

The monthly Treasurer's Report was provided to Board members by K. 
Kaiser prior to the Board meeting and produced from Quickbooks Online.

Here is an exerpt from the treasurer's report on a few of the activities 
the treasurer has been focused on:

"YTD income was down by 6K in November.

  AR is down by 58K due to PyCon 2012 Sponsor invoicing/collection
  activity, offset by invoicing our PSF Sponsors.

  Donations for the month were $1769."                                                               

Kurt concluded his report with a list of financial business items he will  
be focused on, he said:

"My focus is on the Associate Member program and AR reduction.  I'm also
looking into fiscal sponsorship issues and working with Python Boston.
Restricted donations will have to be recognized in the year received
in accordance with non-profit GAAP." 

Board Meeting Discussion:

S. Holden: "I see our net profit for the year is moving towards $200,000."

K. Kaiser: "Well, not that high, and  won't go higher."

S. Holden: "It is still a very creditable performance, though. It's nice 
to see past losses being erased, and I am hoping that next year's PyCon will 
bring a boost to that revenue stream."

K. Kaiser: "Yes, thanks to Van [Lindberg] and Jesse [Noller]."

Progress Reports

The following board reports were submitted to the board mailing list
one week prior to this month's meeting. Please see a summary of each
board report listed below and a possible board discussion at the end
of the report(s):

Communication Status                                                              

D. Hellmann, Communication Officer, reported on continued activities from
last month. He said:

   1. Send announcement email about the blog to various mailing lists
   (c.l.py, c.l.py.announce, etc.).

   *No progress.*

Doug also reported on the new activities for the month. The list of activities 
included the following:

   1. PyCon China post by Brian Curtin
   2. Grants for Porting to Python 3 post by Mike Driscoll

He reported the following information on the planned activities for next month:

   Nothing specific.

As far as the ongoing projects for the month are concerned, he reported:

   1. Boston Python Workshop Grant post by Jessica McKellar
   2. Brian Curtin is working on a post about the video equipment
      purchased by the PSF and how it has been used to record conference
      talks and other events.
   3. Recruiting other people to help write for the blog.
      A few volunteers have expressed interest, but things are getting
      off to a slow start.  I hope to have some more interesting topics
      to give them after the August Board meeting.
   4. Mike Driscoll is working on a retrospective post summarizing all of
      the funding we have provided for conferences over the last year. We
      will wait to publish until closer to the end of 2011.
   5. We have initiated a transition plan so Brian Curtin can take over
      as Communications Director around the time of the next Board
      elections after PyCon 2012.
For tabled activities, D. Hellmann said: 

   1. PyCon video equipment loan/rental program post
      There was some discussion of offering the PyCon video equipment to
      PUGs for their meetings, but the mechanism to do it isn't in place,
Honorary Associate Membership WebPages/Links                                      

P. Campbell, Honorary Associate Membership (HAM) WebPages Start-up 
Project, reported on the current issues or blockages the project may 
be faced with by saying:

"We have been in the technical phase of the Honorary Associate
Membership (HAM) Project for some time now. However, we are not too
far away from recruiting our first PSF Honorary Associate member.

Many technical hurdles have been jumped in order to setup the HAM program
and we are now beginning to see some movement toward getting the HAM website
page prepared for membership recruitment and subscriptions."

As far as the continued activities from last month are concerned, she reported:

"Since Kurt Kaiser, our treasurer, has been able to devote more time to the
HAM project implementation and setup, we should be able to set the launch date 
soon. However, Kurt is requesting help toward getting the website content

Please see the message from Kurt Kaiser?s December 2011 treasurer?s report
regarding the current status of the technical phase of the HAM program 
implementation and maintenance:

    The text on HAM signup pages is preliminary and needs improvement.
    I'm looking for help here!
    Continuing work on a front page with Associate Member sign-up
    information. Decide how to present the HAM Membership to the world,
    probably via a python.org link. 
Marketing Material                                                                 

M.A.Lemburg, Marketing Material Project Manager, provided a summary
of his work. He said:

   The project is lead by Marc-André Lemburg who is in contact with
   the people behind the Plone brochure created by the German Zope
   User Group (DZUG): Jan Ulrich Hasecke and Armin Stroß-Radschinski.

   We started working on the concept a few weeks after World Plone Day
   in April 2010 and had several meetings and conference calls to take
   the idea forward.

   For more details, please see the brochure support site at:


Marc-André also reported on the progress of this project when he said:

   In the last month, we ran another round of emails by our leads
   which resulted in finally getting content from some of them.
   Interestingly, none of the press offices responded to our
   requests - I guess the direct approach is still the best to
   enter larger companies.
   Unfortunately, we did not manage to get content for some
   of the high profile leads we had - both legal departments
   and management took too long to come to a conclusion whether
   to submit a story or not. We will follow up with them for
   a possible second edition of the brochure.
   Overall, the content collection took about 4 months longer
   than expected. As a result, we are not going to be able to
   meet our set deadline of shipping the first edition of the
   brochure in time for PyCon US 2012 without putting the
   financials, success and quality of content at risk.
   Instead of shipping the final brochure, we're planing on
   sending a teaser or flyer for inclusion in the PyCon US
   conference bag. We hope to ramp up the number of subscription
   sponsors that way (*).
   As of now, we are working on compressing and finalizing the
   brochure text, getting texts translated, proof read and
   formatted for the brochure.
   Armin, our designer and producer, is working on an example
   double page based on the existing drafts to use in the
   sponsor acquisition phase, which is due to start as soon
   as the credit card payment system is set up.
   The latter was delayed due to having to go through three levels
   of providers/contracts, each with its own set of quirks
   and problems. Armin expects to have this done early in
   These are the available sponsorship plans we have available:
   and here's the media data for the brochure:
   Esp. the reference entry sponsorships should be interesting for
   smaller Python companies:
   (*) Subscription sponsors are sponsors that order boxes of brochures
   for their own use or to donate to interested parties such as
   universities, schools, administration, etc. These boxes are
   produced in addition to the original 10,000 copy edition, we
   will be printing - due to the way printing works, adding more
   copies to a single run is comparatively cheap, which allows
   us to keep the per brochure price low.

M.A Lemberg reported on the current issues the project is faced with.
He said:

   Even though the deadline for submission of stories for
   the first edition has already passed, we are still accepting
   stories. These will then be considered for a possible second
   edition and also be published on the web site.
   If you know of interesting projects or companies using Python
   to great things, please contact us and consider signing up as
   contact scout:
   and, if you're interested in the project, please consider signing
   up to our newsletter:
   Thanks !

As far as future plans are concerned, he reported:

   If the project goes well, we'll follow up with a Python flyer,
   translated versions of the brochure and also consider creating
   marketing material more targeted at specific user groups or
   application fields.

   In the long run, we'd also like to take the idea of producing
   marketing material beyond printed material and develop booth
   setups, giveaways, CDs, etc. to support conference organizers and
   local user groups wishing to promote Python at their events.

Moving PyPI to Amazon CloudFront                                                 

The project leader, M.A. Lemburg, Moving PyPI to Amazon CloudFront,
reported on progress for the month:

"The project is currently on hold, since the team members don't have
time to put into this."

In terms of having any issues surrounding his project, M. A.
Lemburg reported no issues except one: he said, he just does not have 
enough time to devote to his Moving PyPI to Amazon CloudFront project.

M. A. Lemburg also reported on future plans for the project:

"Check to see whether a trigger based approach to S3 syncing
wouldn't be easier to implement right from the start."

PyCon Chair                                                                         

J. Noller, PyCon Chair, provided us with information on when and where 
the next two PyCon US conferences will be held, in addition to the web 
location of the official PyCon 2012. Please see below:

PyCon 2012: March 7th ? 15th, Santa Clara, CA
PyCon 2013: March 11th ? 21st, Santa Clara, CA
Official Site: http://us.pycon.org/2012

He also provided "notes" for this month. He said:

   We are officially capping registration at 1500 attendees. The team feels that
   this is beneficial to the conference as a whole, and allows us to maintain the
   feel PyCon has grown into. We also feel this will encourage other regional
   conferences to grow in turn.

   I am working on a draft document to present to the board of directors that
   clarifies PyCon's position as a key fundraising entity for the Foundation. As
   the planning and execution of PyCon 2012 has continued, this has become more
   and more true. More later; some thoughts here:

For the month of October, Jesse reported on "Issues and blockages." He said:

   1. We are still waiting on AV/Recording vendor responses to our request for
   quotes. This is a concern - I'd like to lock these contracts down quickly, but
   can not make the bidding parties move more quickly. I have seen partial initial
   AV bids, but nothing concrete.

As far as the continued activities from last month, he reported:

   1. Sponsor signup is slowing down - this is no longer a priority issue.
   Invoicing continues thanks to Kurt's work. We have exceeded our initial
   sponsorship goals by 200%
   2. Financial updates will be sent to the private board list. We now have 77 sponsors.
   3. Registration for the conference and tutorials has officially launched - see:
   4. Idan Gazit has been tapped to do the artwork for the Program Guide and
   5. Negotiations with Elegant Stitches are ongoing.
   6. The Tutorial committee has completed it's work, and the full schedule has
   been announced. We have an amazing line up of tutorials thanks to the hard work
   of the team:
   7. The program committee has wrapped up the talk selection process. The final  
   talk selection and schedule are under way. Looking to announce this ASAP.
   8. We have announced a partnership with PyLadies for PyCon 2012. This means I  
   have increased the financial aid budget for this effort specifically:
   9. Financial aid is up and running as part of registration - due to the
   increased sponsorship levels, we will be performing a lot more FA/Outreach:
Jesse also listed the new activities for the month. Please see below:

   1. Get solid quotes on t-shirt costs. [need to follow up]
   2. Signed freeman contract.
The last two PyCon US items reported on by Jesse were the activities "planned for 
next month" where he listed five (5) items and included a list of the "current Heads/Staff 
for PyCon 2012." 

   [see above]
   1. Finalize the main track talk selection, send out acceptance notices.
   3. Begin organizing the on-site and other volunteer staff.
   4. Get Startup row announced and launched (call for applications)
   7. Wrap up plenary talk selection.
   8. Outreach to all sponsors for required marketing materials.
   Current Heads/Staff for PyCon 2012   
   Chair: Jesse Noller
   Co-Chair: Yannick Gingras
   Accountant/Sponsors: Van Lindberg
   Event Coordinator: Ewa Jodlowska/CTE
   Public Relations Lead: Brian Curtin
   Tech Lead: Doug Napoleone
   Tech Co-Lead: Noah Kantrowtiz
   Volunteer Lead: TBD
   Program Committee Chair: Jacob Kaplan-Moss
   Program Committee Co-Chair: Tim Lesher
   Tutorials Chair: Stuart Williams
   Tutorials Co-Chair: TBD
   Posters Chair: Vern Ceder
   Posters Co-Chair: Zac Miller
   Financial Aide Chair: Peter Kropf
   Financial Aide Co-Chair: Gloria W.
However, under "tabled activities," he provided the following:

Board Meeting Discussion:

J. Rush: "Do we have AV [audio/video] bids yet?"

J. Noller: "As it said in my report - No - although as of the end of last 
week we are zeroing in on the bids."

Sprint Committee                                                                     

J. Noller, Sprint Committee Chair, provided a summary of activities for
this month, he reported:

   No new sprint activity this month outside of catching up on the
   backlog of reimbursements.
   We were notified that our poster proposal to the PyCon US "poster
   session" was accepted.

As far as the continued activities from last month, he reported:


On his report of the new activities for the month, J. Noller said:

   Submitted reimbursement details for the Plone Conference sprints to
   Kurt and are awaiting fulfillment. The repayment details are slightly
   different than we normally receive, but they seem workable.

Trademarks Committee (TMC)

D. Mertz, Trademarks Committee Chair, reported on issues & blockages for 
the month. He said:

   - Probably moot by now, but never a formal answer from PSF counsel several 
   times about whether assignment of derived logos to the PSF might allow us 
   to grant broader permission (for what would then, hypothetically) be PSF 

As far as reporting on new activities, however, he provided the following 
list of items:

   - Mid December: Esri Press is currently developing a manuscript, Python 
   Scripting for ArcGIS.  They asked permission for a book cover design that 
   I, as chair, initially thought was "inspired but not derived" from out logo.  
   However, the opinion of other members was that it was a derived logo; I 
   responded to Brian Harris <bharris at esri.com> with a request that they use 
   an alternate cover design not suggesting logo (which he indicated they had 
   created; though we have not seen it).
   - Mid December: Jack Preston <jackprestonuk at gmail.com> requested use of logo 
   and Python code sample as design on coffee mugs for same at Zazzle.co.uk.  We 
   authorized unmodified logo use but requested he consider donation part of 
   proceeds to PSF.
   - Late November: Approved Perry Leijten <perryleijten at gmail.com> to use "3D" 
   version of logo to illustrate personal website illustrating Python in Maya.
   - Early December: Devi thirupathi <tdevi5 at gmail.com> requested use of Python 
   logo and name for an academic conference on Python.  We clarified that his use 
   was nominative.
   - Late November: Continued clarification with Adam Mechtley 
   <adam.mechtley at gmail.com> on his revised cover design for Maya Python book 
   and website.  Modified versions maintain shape suitably.
   - Late October: "Dr. Markus Wirtz" <mw at opensourcepress.de> requested use of 
   logo on book _PyQt and PySide_ and we clarified that the proposed use was fine.  
   The logo used some coloration change, but the shape is maintained.
   - Late October: Clarified for Christophe BAL <projetmbc at gmail.com> that the 
   logo in isolation, apart from the word mark, was covered in our nominative 
   use policy.
   - Mid October: Clarified for Éric Araujo <merwok at netwok.org> that use of 
   unmodified logo in incorporation into an "avatar" logo is covered in 
   nominative use.
   - Early October: Clarified for John Anderson <sontek at gmail.com> of Cafe Press 
   that unmodified use of logo in clothing items is covered in nominative use.
   - Early October: Clarified for Kami Lott <kami at github.com> on unmodified use 
   of logo in clothing being covered in nominative use.
   - Early October: Clarified for Aidan Hartman <aidan at datapro.net> that he was 
   permitted to use "Python Powered" logo on personal website.
   - Late September: Authorized Bruno Rocha <rochacbruno at gmail.com> 
   of www.cursodepython.com.br to use unmodified logo in clothing items.

He also reported on "ongoing projects." He said:
   - Need to write to http://www.pylatte.org/ to express concern what looks 
   like an improper modified version of the logo.
- Never really resolved preference of submitted logos for Python sponsor 
levels, should really finally decide this.

Board Meeting Discussion:

S. Holden: "We are getting more tradesmark inquiries nowadays, and they are 
being dealt with with reasonable despatch, I think. I was worried though 
whether we can have better tracking for tradesmark requests."

M.v Löwis: "i.e. somehow make sure that they all get responded to. Pat [Campbell,
Administrator], is that something that you could take?"

S. Holden: "Such as a tracking system? We could do that if David [Mertz, TMC
Chair] will accept it into his workflow, I suppose."

P. Campbell: "It sounds good to me."

The above TMC discussion was deferred to email.

2011 - Q4 Community Service Award Nominations

The board discussed and then selected Mike Müller and Armin Rigo 
as the recipients of the 2011-4th Quarter PSF Community Service Award.

   **RESOLVED**, that Mike Müller and Armin Rigo be given Python 
   Community Service Awards for 2011-4th Quarter.
Approved, 8-0-0.

2012 Members Meeting & Election

Planning is underway for the 2012 Members meeting that will take place at
PyCon 2012 in Santa Clara, California and also the 2012 members election 
which will take place online two weeks following the members meeting. 

This discussion was primarily guided by the PSF secretary and was deferred 
to email.

Sponsor Membership Application from Epom

Due to an incomplete application package from Epom, the board
decided to table this agenda item and hold-off voting until the 
2012 January board meeting. This decision was made in order to 
give Epom enough time to get the remainder of their membership 
application paperwork into the board for a timely board review 
of the company.

Archival Storage for PyCon US Videos

The board discussed PyCon US need of funding for storage of their 
video archives. However, due to a lack of information about the type
of storage needed for the project and the cost, this agenda item was 
tabled. Board members will resume this discussion and vote at a later 
date when more information is available. 

Other Business                                                                                     

Message of Seasonal Cheer!

Towards the end of the meeting the chairman (S. Holden) wished everyone 
a "Happy Christmas and whatever other festivals you celebrate."


S. Holden adjourned the meeting at 17:10 UTC.

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