[pydotorg-www] Retiring catalog-sig

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Apr 1 19:11:14 CEST 2013

On Apr 01, 2013, at 10:48 AM, Brad Knowles wrote:

>I've already started this process.

Thanks Brad!

>The old list has not been deleted, but is fully locked down from getting any
>more posts made to it, and the auto-responder has been turned on to tell
>everyone that all new posts should be made to the other list.
>Assuming that folks still want the archives available, and therefore we leave
>this in place as a Mailman list that does not accept any new incoming
>messages, I'm not sure how we would set it up to forward all incoming posts
>to a different list.

It's a bit of a hack, but what you do is delete the old list (probably after
backing up the lists/catalog-sig directory just in case).  Then you need to
add Postfix aliases to forward from catalog-sig to distutils-sig.  Finally,
you need to add catalog-sig at python.org as an acceptable alias, and you might
want to add an autoresponder text to the posting address to inform people of
this, although you can't currently discriminate between postings to
catalog-sig and postings to distutils-sig.

Boy, this should would make a good Mailman 3 feature!

>So far as I know, only outstanding action that remains is to decide what to
>do with the list of subscribers to the old list.  My understanding is that
>most of them are already subscribed to the new list, so the easiest thing to
>do might be to do a mass unsubscribe, and included in that message would be
>an invitation to join the new list if the recipient has not already done so.
>Other possibilities would include doing the equivalent of a "sort -u" on the
>combined subscriber list, remove all the recipients who are already on the
>new list, and then do a mass subscribe of the remainder to the new list.  At
>that point, we could do a mass unsubscribe for everyone from the old list,
>and not have to worry about inviting people to join the new one.
>Anyway, I'm still waiting on feedback for that.  I want to do whatever we can
>to support the community in the way they want to be supported, but I'm not
>sure what type of method that this particular community would want applied to

Given that both mailing lists are gated on Gmane, I think it's enough to get
the word out about the switch, and let people opt-in to distutils sig.  They
can always catch up on Gmane if they miss something.

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