[pydotorg-www] Adding User Group Calendar to home page

Mike Müller mmueller at python-academy.de
Fri Jan 18 10:15:03 CET 2013

Am 16.01.13 16:37, schrieb M.-A. Lemburg:
> On 16.01.2013 16:33, mmueller at python-academy.de wrote:
>> Hi web team,
>> Since the dates of Python events are split between the events calendar and the user group
>> group calendar it makes sense to add both to the python.org home page.
>> While the events calendar appears in left column, the user group calendar does not.
>> It would be nice to have the user group calendar there, just below and in the same style.
>> This is the link for the iframe
>> "https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=3haig2m9msslkpf2tn1h56nn9g%40group.calendar.google.com"
> Hi Mike,
> this was done on purpose, since we first wanted to see whether the
> user events clutter up the calendar too much. That doesn't appear to be
> the case, so it may be a good idea to add it as extra calendar box on the
> sidebar.

Good. I would like to add more user group events and invite others to
submit theirs. Right now I cannot find a link from the python.org site
anywhere. I think I need to supply such link to encourage people to add
an event. Of course, the link was on the a wiki page. But having it from
other places too might not be that bad an idea.

Regarding clutter, one of the intentions of having two different calendars
for conference-like events and user group meetings was to prevent clutter.
The way the box is set up, it shows only the most recent events. Therefore,
the worst that can happen that you see only events that are today because
there are so many of them. You need to click on the box anyway to see more


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