[pydotorg-www] Python Decorators

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sat Mar 2 16:34:10 CET 2013

On Saturday 02 March 2013 10:26:14 anatoly techtonik wrote:
> The license clause is attached to MoinMoin wiki software, the code pieces
> is a content and are not affected. GPL clause can be removed. It is not
> needed (as the /moin/ prefix in the URL).

Although the remark about the GPL applying to the MoinMoin software is 
correct, and thus the content is not GPL-licensed, this doesn't mean that the 
content is actually licensed in any explicit way whatsoever. In other 
words, "removing" the GPL (or actually not applying it to the content in the 
first place) doesn't give anyone any right to do anything with the content 
other than to use it on the Python Wiki itself.

This is an unfortunate situation that was never resolved because I seem to 
remember some people regarding the unclear licensing as somehow being 
beneficial - the only benefit I can think of is that people perhaps don't 
spam the Internet with advertising-laden clones of the Python Wiki, but maybe 
these exist anyway - and so any content submitted to the Wiki is taking a 
one-way trip there.

One could track down the authors of any pages to get their permission for 
further redistribution and use of their contributions, but no attempt has 
been made to do this in general.


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