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Justin Rosen justin.rosen at dreamworks.com
Mon Mar 4 18:41:50 CET 2013

Thanks for the reply guys, I'll pass this on to the powers that be, but it
sounds like this is prob a dead end.

Are we able to track down the original authors?  Is it worth sending a mass
email out to those who've edited this wiki page to get an OK for a fully
free license?  I agree, why post code to the world if you don't want anyone
to use it.


On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 8:28 AM, Paul Boddie <paul at boddie.org.uk> wrote:

> On Saturday 02 March 2013 17:08:23 anatoly techtonik wrote:
> >
> > I think it is fair to put non-HomePage wiki content to CC0 / Public
> Domain
> > unless specified otherwise. If you want to preserve your rights - go
> > publish the content in your blog and supply a link. Tracking down authors
> > is a useless activity - nobody will do this, so I'd not make things more
> > complicated for contributors and users. Wiki is for sharing, not for
> > placing restrictions on each other.
> I agree that if you're contributing stuff to some site where the obvious
> intention is to share things with others, you probably shouldn't expect to
> restrict how that content is used, especially if those contributions
> involve
> editing other people's work, but the lack of any explicit licensing terms
> means that we can't just apply CC0 to what we already have.
> I don't think that it would be too difficult to get people to agree to
> relicensing, but I was just saying that nobody seemed to think it was worth
> doing in the first place. Personally, I do think it is worth it if we are
> to
> regard the content as useful or valuable, and if Justin wants to use the
> decorators content in some other context, I encourage him to at least
> consider that approach for that page before giving up.
> Paul
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