[pydotorg-www] PyPI Wordpress iframe/Widget

Dustin Oprea myselfasunder at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 21:19:38 CEST 2013

I'd like to throw-together a little website widget that displays how many
downloads one or more PyPI projects are getting. I'd then like to wrap it
in a modest WordPress plugin.

I could do it in Javascript that directly scrapes the requested PyPI
page(s), but then it's be scraping PyPI from every page it's used, on every
pageload. It be costly to PyPI, and have a delay on the webpage. If I write
a small service endpoint, I could cache all of the information and lower
the traffic burden, and decrease the load time.

I'll only do this if I can I host the service endpoint on python.org,
though. Would I be able to?

Dustin Oprea (http://dustinoprea.com/)
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