[pydotorg-www] Fwd: Suggestions for changes to the edu-sig list

Andre Roberge andre.roberge at gmail.com
Thu May 22 16:59:18 CEST 2014

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 9:08 AM, M.-A. Lemburg <mal at python.org> wrote:

> Hi André,
> I think you should ask on the edu-sig for a new maintainer. I've removed
> your name from the bottom of the page.
> Hello,

Perhaps due to the timing with the Python site redesign, the people that
volunteered to take over edu-sig never got involved with it.

Jeff Elkner (copied to this email) has volunteered to do so.  Jeff has been
involved for more years than most in the Python world, especially due to
his leadership in creating Guido van Robot, the well-known educational

Would it be possible for someone to help Jeff get in charge of maintaining
the edu-sig page on the Python site?
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