[pydotorg-www] Planning a new regional Python conference in the Pacific Northwest

Rachel Kelly rachelwaveskelly at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 22:20:35 CEST 2014

Hello all!  My name is Rachel Kelly and I'm part of a group of people
planning a small-scale Columbus Day 2015 Python conference, tentatively
titled PyDX (as a play on PDX - it may change as we haven't determined yet
if it should be JUST Portland).

Is there someone I can ask about routing donations?  We are considering &
questioning a few different structures for our organization:

1) Becoming our own 501(c)3, time-consuming and complex
2) Becoming an LLC beneath the PSF
3) Becoming a non-profit also beneath the PSF.

It seems as though option 3 would be the most common route for Python
conference orgs to take, but we have been considering the LLC route, while
behaving in not-for-profit ways, for ease of organizational structure.

I've subbed the Python Conferences mailing list, is there anything else I
should do re organization in the mean time?

Thank you!
Rachel Kelly

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I also maintain a very active coding blog which you may be interested in!
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