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Is there not a spamfilter on the list anymore?

On 8/5/2015 07:08, Animated Explainer Videos via pydotorg-www wrote:
> *The new /proven/ way to convert up to 70% MORE **Visits into Sales *
> *is to have an *
> *Animated Explainer Video on your website.*
> **
> *It is a proven fact that having an animated explainer video on your 
> website can increase sales and inquiries by up to 70%!*
> /A professional animated explainer video will engage a visitor to your 
> web site in a way that asking them to simply read the text on your 
> site never will! /
> //
> //
> *Why are animated explainer videos so effective?*
> They work because they are just like a TV commercial on your web site. 
> People are conditioned to believe what they watch on TV. /*Videos 
> don’t lie!*/
> *//*
> *So web site visitors will quickly understand your product or service 
> and why they should buy or book with you!*
> **
> *Cheap, Quick and Easy*
> Animated explainer videos are cheap and quick to make and you can make 
> changes to them very easily. On the other hand live footage videos are 
> very expensive and time consuming to make and once done are hard to 
> change!
> *Why are animated explainer videos becoming popular now? *
> The reason is that in the past the speed of the internet connections 
> were so slow and the computers were not powerful enough to run them 
> properly.
> *But now web site videos download fast and are very quick, slick and 
> smooth to watch!*
> **
> *You can use them to advertise your business on YouTube*
> YouTube is the new place to advertise your business and with an 
> animated explainer video you can advertise your business on YouTube 
> for a fraction of the cost of AdWords. /Normally only 3p per click!/
> /
> /
> *So now is the time to get ahead of your competition and start 
> converting more visits into sales!*
> **
> *We can produce a professional animated explainer video for your web 
> site that will be designed to convert visits to your website into more 
> sales and inquiries!*
> **
> /*These can be produced at a fraction of the cost of traditional live 
> footage videos!*/
> *//*
> *For more information about getting an animated explainer video on 
> your web site please* *Press Here 
> <mailto:videoexpresssolutions at europe.com?subject=Please%20send%20more%20information%20about%20the%20service>and 
> we will send to you more information about our service.*
> */
> /*
> *Video Express Solutions*
> /"First and Finest for Animated Explainer Videos"/
> //
> //
> This is a UK B2B communication. If you have received this in error 
> please accept our apoligise.
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