[pydotorg-www] Wiki Edit on `Generators Page'

B.V. Raghav bvraghav at iitk.ac.in
Wed Apr 20 08:04:21 EDT 2016


Edit suggestion on the following page:

> Here, we compose a square generator with the takewhile generator, to generate squares less than 100

> Toggle line numbers

>     #add squares less than 100
>     square = (i*i for i in count())
>     bounded_squares = takewhile(lambda x : x< 100, square)
>     total = 0
>     for i in bounded_squares:
>        total += i

The above example requires an import of itertools. Hence I suggest the
following addition preceding the example:

> from itertools import count, takewhile

It took me a while to search this out in google! Being a newbie, I feel
that the aforementioned amendment smoothens my uphill learning curve.


(B.V. Raghav)

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