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M.-A. Lemburg mal at python.org
Thu Apr 28 03:50:53 EDT 2016

[Putting the board on CC]

On 28.04.2016 03:24, Chris Angelico wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 11:17 AM, A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
> <jesse at emptysquare.net> wrote:
>> Hi, I'm a contributing member of the PSF and a new blogger for the PSF on
>> pyfound.blogspot.com. Although I do not have specific edits I'd like to make
>> right now, I figure that as a member of PSF's communications staff it might
>> be useful for me to have edit privs.
>> My wiki username is AJesseJiryuDavis
> Sure, no probs! Done.
> What does "contributing member" mean, incidentally? I had a quick look
> at https://www.python.org/psf/members/ and didn't see your name. It's
> beginning to dawn on me that I know nearly as much about how the PSF
> operates as I do about the PSU, which emphatically does not exist.

The above page was what we (the PSF) used before the bylaws changes
that opened up the PSF for everyone and allowed self certification
as contributing or managing member.

When we introduced the new bylaws, all the existing PSF members
became fellows and so that's the membership class listed on
the above page.

I guess we could list the new contributing / managing members
as well, perhaps on a separate page which gets auto-generated
in some way. The problem here is that these are self-certified
and, AFAIK, we still use the (temporary) process that we put
in place in for this:


The python.org system does have a flag for setting those
membership classes as well, however, I'm not sure whether
this is exposed to the users somewhere or whether it's
only used internally by Betsy and Ewa to track the membership

Finally, listing all basic members is not possible, since we
have more then 4000 :-)

The membership is listed on the profile pages, e.g.


Marc-Andre Lemburg
Python Software Foundation

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