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clef johnson 17712669618 at 163.com
Mon Aug 22 00:36:18 EDT 2016

Dear partner

Greetings and good day to you!

Thanks for your early response!

Please we have an urgent current requirement as attached.

Please kindly check the attachment.

Please offer only if your price is 5% (or more) lower than the price indicated in the attachment.


Please at The the offer the AS  100% at The the LC  and the ON AT at The Basis of  FOB  and  CFR . (The On on Shanghai)

Please offer in Proforma Invoice form, Excel or Word format.

The include Please at The at The the MTC at The at The the with the offer.  

Attachment Please Sprawdź. At the IS at The Finance at The READY for the this Contract . We need at The the offer. Price the A Quick the Within the Lower at The Last AT attached Unit Rates by  (5%) the Within the Lower Prices Last attached . 

MTC needed with the offer.


We look forward to receive your reply and offer.

Thank you.


Clef Johnson.

Purchasing Manager


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