[pydotorg-www] "Schools using Python" Wiki Page

Yong Wang yongwang at binghamton.edu
Wed Feb 24 15:22:24 EST 2016

Dear Python.org Admins,

I am an Assistant Professor (and Python lover) from the Department of
Systems Science and Industrial Engineering at Binghamton University,
New York, USA. I am teaching a Python course (ISE 314 Computer
Programming for Engineers) in our university. Here is a course

o Python (basic syntax and programming principle)
o NumPy (matrix and linear algebra)
o SymPy (symbolic operation)
o SciPy (signal processing)
o Pandas (data analysis and statistics)
o MatPlotLib (data visualization)
o SQLite3 (database programming)
o PyQt (GUI programming)
o Examples from the following areas: Operations research, Data mining,
Machine learning, Time series analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, Neural
networks, Social networks

More course information is available at:

I come across your webpage: https://wiki.python.org/moin/SchoolsUsingPython

I would like to add our course information to this wiki page. But new
users does not have edit access. Please kindly advice me how I should
I proceed. Thanks.

Best Regards,
Yong Wang, PhD
Assistant Professor
Systems Science & Industrial Engineering
Binghamton University
4400 Vestal Pkwy E, Binghamton, NY 13902

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