[pydotorg-www] Pypi support is dead

Cal Leeming cal at iops.io
Mon Jan 18 16:52:49 EST 2016


I’ve tried multiple different channels to get in touch with someone in Pypi support, and for almost a month I have had no response from any of them.

This includes raising an issue in SourceForge, as per the Pypi home page, and directly emailing the admins shown on the SourceForge list.

I can see there are hundreds of other unanswered support tickets, ranging from loss of account access to technical problems.

In my situation, I have lost access to an account and seem unable to recover it due to an email address that is no longer active.

1) Can someone please tell me where I should send my Pypi request to?
2) Are there any plans to improve the support situation of Pypi?
3) I’m willing to step up as a volunteer to assist with Pypi support, where should I send this to?

Thank you.


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