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Best Cloud Payroll and AE Combined Solution
from the HMRC published list of RTI compliant software 

There are a lot of HMRC recognised payroll solutions in the market that offers Automatic enrolment. Among those payrolls a few of them stands out of the crowd in terms of their best service and reliability. Automatic employee assessment, pension scheme enrolment, pension contribution submission and employee communication are some of key features that you have to look into before choosing any auto enrolment solution. We recommend you to look the following AE solutions which are best ones that you can rely on. 

We recommend you to look into the following packages.

1. Free AE Combined Payroll - Payroo
( Editor Recommended : Best Internet AE Payroll )
Payroo's  Payroll and Auto Enrollment (AE) combined Cloud system is the most simple to use  in town.  Accredited/Recognised by HMRC for the last 11 years, it  allows you to complete your payroll and AE in one go. Filing your RTI returns and submitting your AE contributions to the pension provider you have subscribed to is also very simple and straightforward.  Regular AE assessments and printing of the relevant comm letters are  provided  FREE if you have less than 10 employees and costs  just  £3 per employee per year if you have more than 10 employees.  Sign up here http://www.payroo.com to have your payroll and AE done with full compliance.

2. SAGE Payroll
Sage Payroll manage your business finances easily and efficiently with online accounting service. With their comprehensive range of features, automatic updates they ensure all their customers are compliant and with free 24/7 telephone support, it's the perfect choice for small businesses. It helps your business get ready and prepared for auto enrolment with a pre-staging functionality. Sage performs automatic assessment and enrolment of eligible jobholders into the qualifying pension scheme. Employee communication and auto enrolment guide to support you anytime is an added feature of the application. For more Info: www.sage.com

3. ABLE INTERNET Payroll with AE combined

Able Internet Payroll provides payroll agents and independent employers with the most simple to use cloud based payroll and Auto Enrollment combined solution. You can do both payroll and AE tasks over the cloud simultaneously. The entire AE assessment, postponement, comm letter generation, and various pension provider data extracts are all provided. Batch processing and having Tax Codes, SL1, SL2 and NINO's automatically updated are also key features of this HMRC Accredited/Recognised system for the last 10 years. Sign up to use it for 6 months free  www.ableinternetpayroll.com

4. QTAC Payroll ( Best Desktop Software )
QTAC is an award winning payroll software that cover all payroll needs. They provide with a free 45 day test drive payroll software. QTAC offers an auto enrolment solution which assess your workforce, categorize them and automatically enroll them into a workplace pension when they become eligible. They give importance to communicate new pension enrolments, employee and employer contributions electronically to the pension provider. QTAC generates all of the relevant employee letters but they don’t take the responsibility to distribute those letters among the employees. For more Info: www.qtac.co.uk

5. Advanced Business Solutions
Advanced Business Solutions has a cutting-edge payroll software that automates all standard payroll processes and procedures. They have a fully automated pensions auto-enrolment solution which performs full assessment of employees, postponement, refund calculations, standard NEST extracts, letter generation and document management. It also lets you track all correspondence with employees concerning auto-enrolment. For more Info: www.advancedcomputersoftware.com

6. Bright Pay
BrightPay is very easy to use payroll software that sets a higher standard and RTI ready. BrightPay gives visual priority to the most common payroll tasks, and shows or hides various features only as they become relevant. Automatic Enrolment functionality has been elegantly integrated into BrightPay. Setting up pension scheme, enrolling employees, issuing communication, making contributions and viewing reports are all made seamless and simple. For more Info: www.brightpay.co.uk

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