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Does Your Business Need a Lifeline? 

I know you have to read?a lot of emails every day, but please take a moment to read on and learn about what is unfortunatey Australia's Best Kept Secret. However it could be the Winning Edge for you. ? If not now, but at one stage in the future. 

Just recently, one of our Directors was chatting with a friend who is a small business owner.??His friend asked him to simplify how our?unique business finance?product works. ?So today we thought we'd take the time out to share with you the same analogy he used to explain how we provide assistance to businesses all over the country, just like yours . 

Many of you would already be purchasing a number of your products and stock on credit, typically with 30, 60, or 90 day terms to settle the account. ?When you borrow funds from HomeSec Business Finance, it?s not a whole lot different. ?We are a short-term business lender, typically lending from 1?to 6 months in duration. ?So in essence, it?s similar to the same agreement you have with your supplier, except we give you cash as opposed to a product. Our product is essentially a form of business bridging finance, which can settle within 24 hours of application. 

THE BENEFITS. It may be, that you have an opportunity to buy stock at a discounted rate, and are unable to get it on tick (credit), and so this is where we can potentially save the day for you. ?When you look at the profit you stand to make, and compare it with our funding costs, it?s really just another cost of doing smart business, and in most cases, it turns out to be a no brainer. 

Basically, if you couldn't get the money in time and if the financial loss is greater than the cost of the loan, then our short term bsuiness loans are not only a lifesaver, but a valuable secret weapon to have in your armoury. ? Plus, all costs?are fully tax deductible. 

To gain an even deeper understanding on how our service could be a lifeline for your business, we?ve prepared a short ONE MINUTE video for you to watch at your leisure. There's More Good News.... 

It?s also common for us to fund loans for businesses with tax debts and various cash flow issues, especially since?no banks will touch a business with tax issues. In this scenario, businesses will often borrow the funds from us to settle their tax debts, then refinance with their bank a couple of months later to pay us back. 

We are always available to answer any enquiries, and there is no such thing as a silly question. So if you?d like further clarification, please don?t hesitate to pick up the phone and speak to our friendly staff at HomeSec Business Finance today. 

The team at HomeSec 1300 93 83 87 

www.HomeSecFinance.com.au Let's Get Started Now 

Online Loan Applications take just 90 Seconds, and you could be cashed up By Tomorrow! 

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