[pydotorg-www] request edit home page on python wiki - anti-robot

Fox firefox at firemail.cc
Mon Jun 26 17:15:08 EDT 2017

On 11.06.2017 13:43, Chris Angelico wrote:

> Our anti-robot protection is no secret. Before anyone can edit, he or
> she has to get explicit permission from an admin. :) 

to most bona fide users this is actually very much a  :-(

> All you have to
> do is set pages to be read-only by default, and have an editors group
> that lists the accounts that have permission to make changes.
> ChrisA

I noticed how few edits were made in the last 90 day alone.

How restrictive is your policy and does that negatively impact the 
quality (say the lamentable high number of dead links) of the wiki ?

If so, what do plan to mitigate this dire situation ?

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