[pydotorg-www] hypocrisy

Fox firefox at firemail.cc
Mon Jun 26 19:09:39 EDT 2017

> - the wiki was clearly worse quality when edits were not slightly
> restricted, because pages kept getting splattered with auto-added debris
> full of links some might call unsavory and nobody would argue were "off
> topic"
> - "dead links" has been a bit of a sensitive topic, as many times people
> reporting them have submitted alternatives which point to a site which
> accrue some financial benefit to the reporter rather than really
> providing a true open alternative.
> - ranting at and offending the maintainers usually has an effect... just
> consider your own reaction if the roles were reversed.
> As MAL says... make a couple of more specific proposals, and we'll see.

we'll see indeed. Currently you have just proven how you drive the wiki 
into the quality abyss. The pythonista will be grateful for that. ✨🍰✨

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