[pydotorg-www] key point - lest I forget

Fox firefox at firemail.cc
Mon Jun 26 20:20:29 EDT 2017

On 27.06.2017 01:04, Mats Wichmann wrote:

> - ranting at and offending the maintainers usually has an effect... just
> consider your own reaction if the roles were reversed.

what the disingenuous admins around here fail to acknowledge, of course, 
is the fact that due to the broken registration procedure

- which I believe is being kept broken deliberately by them -

the editor rejection rate may be low in absolute terms, since 85% of 
possible future editors will simply go away for proper wikis and never 
look back, once they find out about how the admins run this py "wiki".


* take a look into the log,
* briefly look at the "policies" and
* run like hostages.

And those 85% helping out the good wikis instead are doing the right 
thing, of course.

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