[pydotorg-www] rejecting-troll Lemburg calls 20 new ed in 2017 a "success"

Alex Walters tritium-list at sdamon.com
Mon Jun 26 23:29:03 EDT 2017

Can you please stop flooding the list?

The spam policy isn't going to change.  Yes it sucks that we have to go
through this, but we don't have the manpower to handle the spam if we only
had automated logins.  There are a lot of project wikis that are like this,
including postgres and *every single GitHub wiki* by default.

If you want to manage the automated spam that besieges wikis around the net,
by all means do so.  Announce it on psf-community.  This list is about the
web infrastructure run by the psf.  Advertising here isn't helpful, and is a
great way to dilute your own point with ill will.

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> For a wiki of the size and reach of the pywiki to attract only ~ 20 new
> Editors in all of 2017 is an abysmal failure.
> The people responsible for this disaster are the wiki admins of course
> (Lemburg et. al.), who run the place as if they were bosses of it and
> they owned the wiki like a cotton plantation. They run an iron-fist
> rejection policy ever since 2013.
> Yet they ignore well founded criticism and want to stick to their
> disaster plan like the Tory party of GB.
> It seems more timely than ever to look out for new admins to replace
> these people as as soon as possible.
> Anybody throws in his hat?
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