[pydotorg-www] rejecting-troll Lemburg calls 20 new ed in 2017 a "success"

Fox firefox at firemail.cc
Tue Jun 27 00:42:57 EDT 2017

I don't know wtf you're talking about. I myself run several github wikis 
where any regged githuber can write whatever he wants and I never saw a 
single spam post. Not one. Your argument is as fake as all the Lemburg 

Also what do you mean with "advertising" ?

You mean, you want to keep every py user hostage to a cr*p wiki and not 
allow them to see what a real wiki can be like, such as



What kind of control freak are you ? I also challenge you on my earlier 
point about whether the pywiki would get spammed hard in 2017 again 
unless maybe it has no anti-spam measures at all, which would raise the 
question of why you are admins in the first place of such a wiki.

On 27.06.2017 05:29, Alex Walters wrote:
> Can you please stop flooding the list?
> The spam policy isn't going to change.  Yes it sucks that we have to go
> through this, but we don't have the manpower to handle the spam if we only
> had automated logins.  There are a lot of project wikis that are like this,
> including postgres and *every single GitHub wiki* by default.
> If you want to manage the automated spam that besieges wikis around the net,
> by all means do so.  Announce it on psf-community.  This list is about the
> web infrastructure run by the psf.  Advertising here isn't helpful, and is a
> great way to dilute your own point with ill will.

>> For a wiki of the size and reach of the pywiki to attract only ~ 20 new
>> Editors in all of 2017 is an abysmal failure.
>> The people responsible for this disaster are the wiki admins of course
>> (Lemburg et. al.), who run the place as if they were bosses of it and
>> they owned the wiki like a cotton plantation. They run an iron-fist
>> rejection policy ever since 2013.
>> Yet they ignore well founded criticism and want to stick to their
>> disaster plan like the Tory party of GB.
>> It seems more timely than ever to look out for new admins to replace
>> these people as as soon as possible.
>> Anybody throws in his hat?

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