[pydotorg-www] great find, dude

Fox firefox at firemail.cc
Tue Jun 27 06:01:48 EDT 2017

On 27.06.2017 10:09, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:

> I found a new reference for the Komodo link and removed the
> console.py one, since the only other package using that name
> doesn't seem to use the cmd module.

yeah great find. You now must make sure there will be no (new) editor 
pointing out in the https://wiki.python.org/moin/CmdModule#bottom

"Discussion" section, that that listcmd.py of yours just does nothing at 
all when called.

So it fits in perfectly with the rest of the worthless article not 
providing any useable or helpful .py file on the subject matter.

Just keep the wiki quality that low overall and we'll get you people 
replaced by real admins very soon.

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