[pydotorg-www] hostile act

Fox firefox at firemail.cc
Tue Jun 27 06:53:11 EDT 2017

On 27.06.2017 12:43, Steve Holden wrote:
> Some of those who 
> have given their service might, perhaps, misunderstand your attempts to 
> help as implying they should not have made the choices they did.

the stark contrast between a good wiki like the Arch-Linux wiki and the 
stuff you have to offer is a result of the choices you mention.

Since clearly the good volunteers flock to Arch and shun pywiki, it is 
not far-fetched to conclude that the iron-fist clampdown against new 
editors is a huge mistake.

Better wikis that your own one will never allow such an hostile act to 
happen in their wikis.

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