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Leonardo Jimenez leonardo at codetiger.co
Thu May 25 23:24:55 EDT 2017

I'm trying to include my Board of Directors Candidacy on the url 
https://wiki.python.org/moin/PythonSoftwareFoundation/BoardCandidates2017 but I
am not able to find the way to edit the Wiki, how can I do it?, do I need any
kind of permission?
My username is LeonardoJimenez. In case is not possible my proposal is bellow:
Leonardo Jimenez=============

New Board Member

I’m a community organizer from Dominican Republic and a Django developer.
My work includes organizing events, meetups and workshops. I have been
organizing Python Dominicana User group for the last 4 years. I have also
organized the PyCaribbean Conference since 2015.

I want to work on the following topics:
Improve Python Software Foundation Marketing/Usability strategies:I used to work
in a completely unrelated industry. Thanks to the Python community I was able to
transition to a software development job. I want to make it easier to get more
people like me to move to Python.
Improve the reach of our community, in particular in Latin America:We created
PyCaribbean to grow the Latin American community using Python. I want to
Increase the density of user groups and community events in Latin America.
Creation of a User Group and Conference Organizer Manual:To increase the numbers
of events we need to make easier for people to create communities and events. I
want to work on recording our accumulated knowledge and make it accessible.
Grow the next generation of community leaders: The people creating awareness of
the language are important and we need more of them. I think we need to create
community events to help, recruit and reenergize volunteers.
Help expand the Python Ecosystem(Long Term) There are programmers that we are
not reaching (Ex. Front End and Mobile Developers). I want to help expand the
Python ecosystem in those communities.

Affiliations: * Python Dominicana Usergroup, Organizer
 * PyCaribbean, Founder and Organizer
 * Metacommunity (Non profit for teaching technology on the DR), Founder and
 * Django Girls Santo Domingo, Co-Organizer and Mentor
 * Django Girls Bayamon, Co-Organizer
 * JS Dominicana Usergroup, Organizer
 * UI/UX Dominicana, Organizer

I love the Python community and I would not be where I am today without it.
Thanks for the opportunity of applying
Leonardo JimenezPrincipal & Co-founderOffice:(781) 247-5020 (US)(809) 685-7720
 (DR)Cellphone :(809) 875-5425 (DR)

leonardo at codetiger.co
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