[pydotorg-www] IDE wiki edit

Mats Wichmann mats at wichmann.us
Fri Sep 29 10:30:54 EDT 2017

On 09/29/2017 06:38 AM, micah page wrote:
> I request to be added to the EditorsGroup of the wiki. I am one of the
> admins at python-forum.io and we link back to the following a lot and i
> would like to add Sublime Text Editor to that list of IDE's.
> https://wiki.python.org/moin/IntegratedDevelopmentEnvironments
> username: metulburr

You've been added as an editor, welcome aboard.

And you gave a chance to start a little bit of a discussion on these
pages :)  Wiki maintenance is hard even with lots of enthusiastic

SublimeText currently lives on the PythonEditors page rather than the
IDE page.  I'm not sure there's any absolute dividing line for which
belongs where, as the functionality begins to blur.  Perhaps you'd like
to make a suggestion.

I believe Atom is not listed on either page, I actually use and
recommend it to people - not exclusively, but as something, when
properly provisioned with add-ons, that is fairly quick to haul out for
certain tasks.  Feel free to add if you are so motivated.  Like Sublime,
it's not classically an IDE, but with the ability to launch a script
inline, to debug, etc. it provides most of the "IDE functionality" a
Python programmer would need. Categorization is not an easy call.

Since environments for doing effective Python development are a constant
question it would be cool to update these.

I'm also wondering about the reviews.  Do people think nearly 10 year
old reviews are still worth linking?  Should there be a cutoff? Maybe
move to an "old reviews" page?

The paragraph at the top of the IDE page points over to a page for
ShowMeDo tutorials, but that site is dead (DNS still resolves, but for
months now there has been no actual content). People keep pointing that
out, but the link page and references to it are still there.  There are
a lot of other nice video tutorials, though - e.g. Corey Schafer has
some nice stuff on provisioning several different environments.

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