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Emily Tucker eltuck at umich.edu
Wed Apr 4 12:14:47 EDT 2018


My account name is EmilyTucker.

I would like to edit the PythonForOperationsResearch page (

Intended Edits:

*PySCIPOpt* (https://github.com/SCIP-Interfaces/PySCIPOpt) PySCIPOPT
provides an interface from Python to the SCIP Optimization Suite

*Ticdat* (https://github.com/opalytics/opalytics-ticdat) Ticdat simplifies
the process of developing modular mathematical engines that read from one
schema and write to another. Specifically designed with Mixed Integer
Programming problems in mind, it can be used for rapidly developing a wide
variety of mathematical engines.

Kind regards,

Emily Tucker, MSE
PhD Candidate
Industrial and Operations Engineering
University of Michigan
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