[pydotorg-www] Access to the Wiki

Tania Rebeca Sanchez Monroy tania.sanchezmonroy at gmail.com
Mon May 21 11:14:33 EDT 2018


I am writing to get access to the Wiki. I am interested in getting access
to https://wiki.python.org/moin/PythonSoftwareFoundation/BoardCandidates2018 to
run for the board.


Tania Allard (Sanchez Monroy)
Research software engineer at The University of Leeds

w: http://rse.shef.ac.uk/ <http://http//rse.shef.ac.uk/>

e:* tania.sanchezmonroy at gmail.com <tania.sanchezmonroy at gmail.com>*

blog: http://bitsandchips.me/
<https://twitter.com/ixek>  <https://github.com/trallard>

*  While I may be sending this email outside my normal office hours, I have
no      expectation to receive a reply outside yours.*
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