[pydotorg-www] Editing permissions for IntegratedDevelopmentEnvironments for AndrewJanke

Andrew Janke andrew at apjanke.net
Sat May 26 06:07:27 EDT 2018

Hi, wiki.python.org folks,

I'm a new user on the wiki.python.org Wiki. My username is AndrewJanke.
I would like to edit the page IntegratedDevelopmentEnvironments, and I
see on https://wiki.python.org/moin/FrontPage#use that getting
permission is required.

It looks like the "Updated" column for some of the IDEs listed there is
stale. I know that at least some of the IDEs there have more recent
releases: e.g. the current Komodo 11.0.2 release was built in 2017, but
is listed as "Updated 2012" on that page.

I'm a developer who's new to Python, and am researching/evaluating
different IDEs for my own use. I'd like to update your
IntegratedDevelopmentEnvironments page with current Updated dates as I
do my research into these IDEs. (And I plan to hit all the IDEs you have
in your list.)

I'm assuming that the "Updated" column means "last time this IDE program
was updated/released", and not "last time the Python.org wiki page for
this program was updated".

If you're amenable, I'd also like to suggest maybe adding a "Version"
column to the tables on this page. The release date for these IDEs isn't
readily visible on all of their web pages, but the program version
number pops up more often. This would make it easier for both readers
and editors to determine if this wiki page is in fact up to date with
respect to an IDE's last release date. (Or maybe it would make sense to
have a "this page updated on XXX" statement somewhere.)

I'd also like to upper-case "GUI" in the section title "IDEs with
integrated gui builder" to be consistent with the rest of the page and
common usage.

If you need some background, you can find me at:

Andrew Janke

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