[pydotorg-www] Contributing to wiki.python.org

Trey Huffine treyhuffine at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 15:03:31 EDT 2018


I wanted to reach out to introduce myself and request access to contribute
to the Python wiki. My wiki.python.org username is TreyHuffine

My name is Trey and I've been a JS engineer for the past few years but have
been learning Python in 2018, and I love it. I'm using it with Django for
server work at my job and have done a little bit data science using Python
as well.

I don't think I'm to level that I can contribute to open source projects,
but I think the wiki is a great place for me to start getting involved and
contributing to the community. I'll likely add some learning
resources/books that are high quality that I have found to be valuable
while learning Python. I also plan to be involved or start a local Meetup
and will update the Local User Groups page if it makes sense. I plan to
keep my changes minimal since I'm a new member, but I'm happy to help out
however I can.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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