[pydotorg-www] Python Wiki Editing Request- Developer from Washington DC

Mats Wichmann mats at wichmann.us
Mon Jul 8 14:17:54 EDT 2019

On 7/8/19 12:04 PM, matt_zand at myhsts.org wrote:
> I got lost. Nothing works. Pls verify my info
> Name: MattZand
> password: xyz
> OpenID: hsts
> email: mahdiumd at gmail.com

best I can see, the name in the editors list is "hsts". It apparently
should be "MattZand", but that name is not in that list. Oddly, I can
see that a page was changed by MattZand:

 	BeginnersGuide 	05:29 	[INFO] 	?MattZand

so now I'm pretty confused too.  If the openid attached to a wiki
account can be in the list instead of the wiki name itself its news to
me (wouldn't be the first time)...  but apparently you were able to make
a change once? Is that right? And then a second page didn't work?

> I tried another browser and it is the same.

it's not a browser issue.

Anybody know what's happening here?

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