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Riccardo Polimeno riccardo.bp00 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 05:28:48 EDT 2020

Hi, i'm Riccardo.
I mainly use Python for web development (django and flask). Lately, i'm
discovering game development. Im searching for some good game libraries, or
something like a Python Game Engine. There aren't a lot of result, since
Python isn't commonly used in game development. Usually game engine
programming language are C, C++, C#. But i hope in the future will exists a
Python Game Engine. However i founded Harfang 3D. Yesterday I sent an email
to hep at python.org, they said me, that if i want to edit wiki, i have to
contact you.

This is the email text:
Hi. On your website, in python game section (
https://wiki.python.org/moin/PythonGames), you forgot to mention Harfang
3D library (https://www.harfang3d.com/). A game developed with that library
is DogFight (https://github.com/harfang3d/game-dogfight).

I want to say that i just discovered that library. I searched on youtube
"python game engine", and i found it. It is not very famous because few
people know about it, but it looks like a great library. It allows the
development of games (logic, sounds, movements, graphics, etc).

I would like to learn it, but there are not many tutorials (on youtube,
stackoverflow, etc), if you add it to the list (
https://wiki.python.org/moin/PythonGames), maybe more people will use it
and talk about it more (and there will be more tutorials).

So, i think it will be a nice idea to add Harfang 3D in the wiki. Also
because, as said in the email, it is not well known, and it till now
documentation is poor. And im asking you if i can edit python wiki.

*What do you think?*

Thank you,
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