[pydotorg-www] Regarding edit permissions for python wiki

deven rathore deven at dunebook.com
Wed Jan 29 11:33:14 EST 2020

Hi, Team

 Myself Deven, and i work as a editor at dunebook.com and CodeSource.io. 

Dunebook.com is a website for providing best Resources for web and app Development.

CodeSource.io provides Tutorials, Courses and Code examples

i am a Full stack developer and have written many tutorials and articles related to python and other programming languages.

you can check the one of my recent tutorial here - https://codesource.io/build-a-crud-application-vue-and-django/

i am writing this mail for getting edit permissions for editing wiki pages.

my wiki name is - deven

looking forward to positive response from you.

Here's link to my github Repo - https://github.com/dunebook


Deven rathore
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