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João Ramos jp.ramos.jr.78 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 14:42:27 EST 2020


     My name's João Ramos, 41 years old, from Portugal. I'm taking a 
Python online course and already have some background in C.

     I have been using Python documentation many times in order to get 
the necessary knowledge to learn how to write Python. I'm really 
interested in translating some of your documentation in my native 
language: Portuguese.

     I haven't found many pages translated to Portuguese and the few 
that are, they're in Brazilian Portuguese which is not quite right, and 
some of those it's clear that who did it, simply made copy paste in 
Google translator and in some cases, it doesn't make much sense.

     I would love to participate in this task, and help others 
Portuguese guys like me to learn Python language easier.

     So, I've created an account to start and now I'm writing to you 
because first, I'm not able to edit my homepage and second, I'm reaching 
you to let you know what my intentions are.

     May you consider my offer and let me participate in the translation 
of some of your documentation?

     Thank you;


     João Ramos

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