[pydotorg-www] i want to edit pages in the python wiki https://wiki.python.org

Horst JENS horstjens at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 16:01:40 EDT 2021

I run into some outdated / nonexist information in the GUI section of the
python wiki (site about wxpython had dead links, site about PySimpleGUI
lead to non-exist page), i would love to edit  (create) those wiki pages:

Please tell me the necessary procedere to become edit / create pages rights
in the python wiki

my wiki neame in the python wiki is: HorstJENS

greetings from Vienna,

First name:   Horst     tel:+43-660-52.65.377
Last  name:   JENS
Email:   horstj <horst.jens at spielend-programmieren.at>ens at gmail.com
Web:     http://spielend-programmieren.at
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